Saturday, May 26, 2012

Product Rant: Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Hello Lovelies!!

I hope you are all well. I wanted to do something a little different today so I decided to do a product rant. Let me know in the comments if you like this idea or if I should just do normal reviews.

Anyways, here goes. I purchased this awhile back and I wish that I returned it right when I got it. I have been using Urban Decay Primer Potion for awhile but I ran out and wanted to try something new so I picked up the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I had received a sample of of the Candlelight Shadow Insurance, which is the same thing but is a light champaign color with a ton of shimmer. I enjoyed that so I decided to pick up the original.

Big mistake!!! When I originally picked up a tube of this, I had initially thought the tube I had gotten was spoiled/defective so I exchanged it for a new tube, only to be disappointed again. I kept the second tube to play around to see if I could get it to work, with no avail. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I really hate this product because it feels really greasy on my eyelids. As I said, I returned my original tube because I thought it had gone bad because primers are supposed to keep your lids from being oily, not make them oily. The UDPP has a dry, almost matte feel when you apply it and feels like the perfect base for eyeshadows. The Shadow Insurance feels slippery and greasy and makes my eyeshadow crease. They only way I have been able to make it work at all is by applying a MAC Paint Pot or Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow over it. It has a nude color that blends out to be pretty much clear, similar to the UDPP so in that sense it works well under most shadows.

I had high hopes for this product but I will definitely not be repurchasing it and as is I am debating just chucking it and going back to my tried and true UDPP.

Have you had similar problems with this? Let me know what you all think.


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